The Best and the Worst Responses To The Paris Attacks #Opinion

The Worst

How some people are using the attacks to justify Islamophobia, like these CNN hosts who want the Muslim community to take responsibility for the dead.

How New Yorkers wouldn’t get into a taxi driven by a Muslim cabbie.

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How some politicians are capitalising on a fear to gain support.

How countries are closing their borders to Syrian refugees, including 26 US states. A representative for the UN Refugee Agency, Melissa Fleming says this approach ‘demonises refugees’, warning people using them as a scapegoat ‘contribute to xenophobia and fear’.

How hypocrisy was and is rife.

How Muslim’s feel the need to distance themselves from the violence just because of their beliefs. Oh. World.

How Facebook cared for Parisians by turning on it’s safety check. But didn’t make it available for people in Lebanon the day before when a bomb killed 37 people in Beirut.

And how with one click you can change your profile picture to show solidarity with France.  But what about solidarity with those in Lebanon, Iraq, Africa, South Korea etc, etc? Blogger Lucy Jayne Ford addresses the fine line between grief and becoming a  #tragedyhipster

How IS used the spotlight to launch a video threatening more attacks.

The Best. 





And this.

How Mark Zuckerberg responded to a public backlash at Facebook’s selective safety check by promising to use it more often. And then doing just that.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 13.20.26.png


How people on Facebook said it right. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 20.11.45.jpg

How Manu Wino, a photographer at the Bataclan, responded to the Daily Mail’s embargo on photos from the of the Eagles of Death Metal concert by releasing his own with the Creative Commons licence.

Rock on, you stars
Manu Wino captures Eagle’s of Death Metal at the Bataclan. C/O Creative Commons

When the Eagles of Death Metal posted this.

Rock on, you stars. In Lebanon. In Africa. In Iraq. In Syria. In all places burdened with unrest worldwide.

eagles of death metal, Bataclam, c:o Manuwino Creative Commons
Fans enjoying the Eagles of Death Metal as captured by Manu Wino. C/O Creative Commons

So, for us all: peace, love and death metal.


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