10 Ways To Survive The Winter Lurgy

1. Water. Lots of Water.

Source: cheeseburger.com

2. Get a bucket.

Source: pandander.com

3. Soft loo roll. Poo like a Queen. Spiffing!

Source: Bill Ingalls

4. A Fan Heater. If you have to take time off,  make it a proper holiday.

Source: santimb.photos.flickr

5. Pillows. Lots of them. Lying down increases nausea so prop yourself up.

Source: Tumblr

6. Re-Hydration sachets. They now come in lemon flavour… oh, so tasty!

Source: hoppip.tumblr.com

6. A spare sheet. No picture needed.

7. Blankets. Piles of blankets.

Source: ohmagif.com

8. A hot water bottle. Oh, Owly.


9. A good, long series. Immerse yourself in 10 hours of dark comedy with Fargo on Netflix, or a couple of hours of light, beautifully shot comedy with Detectorists on the BBC iPlayer, staring Toby Jones and McKenzie Crook. If podcasts are your cuppa enjoy the back catalogue of Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review.

10. Toast. Somewhere, beyond the sick bucket and at the end of a rainbow there is a good ol piece of plain toast waiting. But for now, here’s to you!

Source: Imgur

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